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tomorrow i will be livestreaming Five Nights At Freddy’s just so you know

in the mean time i still need commissions “desperately” kinda sorta, i’m almost about kinda sorta done with the first few pages of Darkflight (ETA is probs two weeks), i’m slowly producing dolorosa posts in the midst of that, and i move into my dorm at uab thursday (and since i doubt i’ll finish five nights by then, i’m totes getting my dumbass roomies in on the stream too), i may finally be getting my own damn bank account, and i have a halloween stream planned (hint, the game is totally gonna be Outlast)

just an update on how things be going sorta

((because i am still alive and so is this blog sorry im rather sluggish

oh yeah and im also doing the artist alley at the brand new con Fal-Con in Montevallo, October 18-19th, got sweet shit in store including new legendary pokemans keychains, some clay dragon figurines, custom commissions on-the-spot, as well as some prints of my most popular pieces and some new ones! also gonna be shamelessly advertising Darkflight as well. gotta get me a fanbase))

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Death Most Certainly WAS A Release. I’m Not Denying That. It Was Probably The Best Thing That Happened To Me After, Well, You Know.

But That Changes Little On How I Feel About The Orphaner.

He Was A Strong Troll, But He Was Horribly Selfish And Cruel. He Let Much Get In The Way Of His Potential For… Well, Whatever The Hell He Could Have Achieved. For Example, He Let His Feelings For Mindfang Go Too Far. He Should Have Known Where It Would Go When He Let Her Have Me.

While He May Have Ultimately Benefited My Poor Soul By Having Me Done Away With, That Was Never His Intention. Nor Was It Ever His Decision To Make.

From What I Know, Though, His Stupidity Got Him Killed, So I’ll Just Call It Even.

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((yooooooooooooooooooo look at that look how far we’ve come))

((yooooooooooooooooooo look at that look how far we’ve come))

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pocketful-of-doitsu asked: ((Hello, would it be alright with the mun if I used some of your Dolorosa responses for a voice acting audition? Thanks in advance!))

((Sorry if this took a while to respond… 

Yes! Please do, I’m flattered you want to use my responses! And I’d love to hear the results!))

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((Convention page updated because cosplay plan shit changed slightly.

school’s rough, got lots of scholarship stuff to work out, so you wont see posts from me until well after february. apologies, friends.

i’ll be back when i can. until then, please come to Kamicon in February so you can hang out with me and more lovely homestucks, and send me more lovely questions for me to answer when i get back! also think about commissioning me because i’m trying to afford a “super important thing” at the moment and i sort of need a little cash help so yeah…))

i hope to return to you as soon as possible,


((The two pictures featured on the side of my blog! 

AKA Disciple likes to take pictures))

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prospitans asked: oh my god you like steam powered giraffe

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beaniebotic asked: ever wondered what you would look like as a high blood?

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((Yes I read your tags on my posts an yes your misery was my goal and amuses me and yes you should continue to add tags to my posts because I diligently check those. But seriously now, two things: apologies for the feels (even though that was the intention - emotional destruction - and ill fucking do it again because that’s just my job) and please for the love of god add comments in the tags I love reading people’s comments in the tags like really I check every reblog for that shit))

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:33 < dolorosa, what was my ancestor like? i’m pawfurly curious, i havent heard much about her, and i really would like to know her story. thank mew! <3

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Among The Finest Trolls I Have Ever Had The Pleasure To Meet. 

My Son Chose Well, I Think. Couldn’t Have Found Anyone Who Could Possibly Love Him Any More. Except Maybe Myself, But That’s A Different Type Of Love Entirely.

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